GRANITIZE X20-18 Xzilon 3 Protection System for Brightwork-Clear-1pt

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X20-18, Xzilon 3 Aircraft Exterior Protector for Brightwork (1 Pint),  Xzilon Corrosion Inhibitor and Maintenance Control

SKU: X20-18 Xzilon 3 Protection System for Brightwork-Clear-1pt Category: Brand: GRANITIZE


One 16oz bottle is enough material to cover 1600 square feet of surface area with one coat. Corrosion Inhibitor and Maintenance Control. Ultimate long term protection for bare metal. Reduces maintenance costs

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AMS 1650, Boeing BMS 10-72, D6-17487 and 737-SL-71-053A, Boeing Group NTO: CFM56 Lip-Skins, Boeing NTO 747 Aircraft, Bombardier / Shorts 71-11-01, Bombardier BD700, Dassault DGT/DTAS/TME 323 369 and Dassault Task 20-60-00-370-831, Douglas CSD#1 Type V Materials, Embraer RR_NE235E, Embraer Standard NE40-235, Gulfstream GAMPS 4001 Rev C, 2007, Pilatus VV 0605-41, Rolls-Royce : TV11807R, WW//20219/1/28 and AMM Part II-2770