NITTO P-421 PTFE Film Tape

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A heavy-duty PTFE film tape

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SKU: NITTO P-421 PTFE Film Tape Category: Brand: NITTO


Fulfills requirements for ultra-high dielectric strength and high temperature use. Cured silicone adhesive enhances its ability to operate over a wide temperature range.
PTFE backing provides low coefficient friction, which makes for a slick surface that promotes the quick movement of materials. Impervious to most chemical attacks, including acids, solvents, fuels and most alkalies.

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0,125in x 36yrd, 0,75in x 36yrd, 1in x 36yrd


ASTM D570, Boeing : BAC 5034 Type IV, Class 3B and BAC 5157, CID A-A-59474C Type I, Class 4