PPG Eldorado PR-5044 Paint Remover-5gal

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A viscous, peroxide-activated, benzyl alcohol paint and primer remover

SKU: Eldorado PR-5044 Paint Remover-5gal Category: Brand: PPG


Designed for removal of durable polyurethane and epoxy paint systems. Is environmentally preferred and worker-friendly. Fast acting. Contains no chlorinated solvents, phenols or chromates. May be applied to vertical, inclined or over head surfaces. Remains wet on surfaces for many hours reducing need to re-apply. Effective on polyurethane and difficult epoxies. Safe on anodized and other aluminium alloy, cadmium, ferrous alloys, titanium and non-embrittling to high strength steel.

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Boeing D6-17487, HJMS 9001 Class 2