BERRY Polyken 108FR Double-Coated Carpet Tape

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A flame retardant double-Sided Cloth Carpet Tape

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SKU: BERRY Polyken 108FR Double-Coated Carpet Tape Category: Brand: BERRY


Hand tearable for ease of installation. High strength, with quick-stick and high adhesion. High conformability. Flexibility allows for ease of realignment. Accommodates irregular surfaces. Performs without twisting or curling. Removes easily without leaving residue. Compliance with safety requirements. Immediate carpet bond with retained bond integrity.

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Black, Clear


2in x 25yrd


Airbus ABD0021, Boeing : BMS 5-133, BAC 5034-4, Bombardier DSC 91-8-1 & DSC 91-8-2, Complies with F.A.R. 25.853 (a), Douglas DMS 1971, Embraer MEP 06-048, Fokker FK05-121, FK05-197, Lockheed LAC C-24-1257